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09 Apr

Vaping and e-Cigs

Common questions about e-liquid and vaping:


Will using an e-cig help me quit cigarettes?

Using an e- cig is one of the most (now) common ways to quit smoking! This is because e-liquid contains nicotine which is the addictive substance in cigarettes. using an e-cig is satisfying for the brains of those addicted to cigarettes because it keeps your hands and mouth occupied like a cigarette would! There are so many benefits to using e liquid for your nicotine rather than a cigarette! You can choose the level of nicotine, the flavor of the liquid, and you wont smell nasty after using your e-cig!


Does e-liquid really taste better than a cigarette?

YES. With so many flavor options to choose from, there is no reason NOT to make the switch. Regardless of your taste, there is a flavor for you. While cigarettes come in many flavors they still all have one thing in common; they stink! The smell of cigarettes lingers and can be displeasing to those around you. E-liquid does not have that effect.


Is an e-cig better for my health?

The widely accepted answer to this question would be YES. However because this is a fairly new phenomena, there aren't very many scientific studies to back any information up regarding how this effects your health. Nicotine is a derivative of tobacco and no tobacco product has been found to be without risks. Although, many of the health issues associated with smoking have been found to be caused by the chemicals in the filters of cigarettes and not the actual tobacco itself. Always use caution when trying new products and practice moderation!

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