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14 May

E Liquid

E Liquid


E-liquid is a flavored nicotine liquid that e-cigarettes vaporize. E-liquid is a natural substance that is vaporized, when heat is applied. The two ingredients generally used for e-liquid are vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. Many people use e-liquid by the bottle or purchase refill cartridges. There are many flavors and variations used, to produce e-liquid for e-cigarettes.


The use of vegetable gylcerine and propylene glycol are used to dilute the strength. They also help with the taste and flavors. The substances also produce vapor clouds, when heated. Many people have switched to e-smoking, because they feel that they this method is safe. There is also a substance called diacetyle, which is a safe ingredient, but has been said if you inhale large quantities, it can cause medical problems. Additionally, some e-liquids, which has the term "tobacco absolute", is suppose to be pure extract for e-cigarettes.


Most e-liquids will be PG based, which produce the sweetness, less vapor, or more vapor- because they can be mixed together, to give the e-cigarette more consistency. The different strength levels range from zero nicotine up to 4.8% nicotine. A person who normally use a pack a day, is suggested to need 1.2% nicotine in their e-liquid use. E-liquid can be stored in dry and cool place, and should avoid sunlight. If you purchase e-liquid, it usually expires within 2 years. You must make sure you keep e liquid out of the reach of kids and pets.


Listed below are a list of the popular flavors:

* Peppermint

* Ocean Breeze

* Cherry

* Berry

* Bubble Gum

* Punch

* Lemon

* Watermelon

* Vanilla

* Ice Cream

* Sherbet

* Wild berry

* Cinnamon

* Grape

* Blueberry

* Pomegranate

* Pineapple

* Cotton Candy

* Honey Nut Cereal

* Peach

* Green apple


E-liquid is a new way to enjoy a safe way to smoke a cigarette. Many have said that this smoking method is enjoyable. Many also appreciate the many flavors.

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