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09 Jun

How to Make your Own Vape Juice

Vape juice


Vape juice is the juice you use in the vape machines. You can buy juice for the machines or you can make your own juice. If you make your own juice you will be able to make many different flavors and even make your own flavor.




The ingredients that you will need to make the Vape ejuice are a flavor additive, distilled water, vodka and the E-liquid juice. You can either use Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin one creates more vapor the other is a stronger throat hit. You can use both PG and VG at the same time and you can make it with out nicotine, which is a less of a throat hit. When it comes to adding flavors to the juice you will need to make sure you have five percent to twenty percent of flavor. You need to have enough flavor in it so that you like it.


Picking your flavor


When it comes time to pick your flavor you will want to check us out we have many different types of flavors. We even have stuff to make your own flavors with. We have candy, drinks, fruit and even slims signature mixes also we have sweet flavors. When picking a flavor we can meet all your flavor needs.


To make the liquid


You will need to mix and shake very well one ml of the flavor you have chosen, two ml of PG and a two ml of VG and five ml of thirty six mg of unflavored Nicotine liquid. It is very important to mix the ingredients very well in a bottle. If you add water or vodka it will dilute the liquid and make it thinner however, the alcohol will give it a stronger throat hit.


It's so simple you should begin today!

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