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10 Jul

What is E-Juice?

If you are looking for an alternative to smoking cigarettes I have just what you are looking for. A lot of public establishments and even some different employers have banned cigarettes from their workplace. If you are like billions of other people across the world having that smooth taste of tobacco is just not something that you can separate yourself from. I understand! That is why e-juice was invented. Now that I have your attention, I know what you are thinking . . . . "What in the world is e-juice?". Sit tight, and listen up because I am going to fill you in!


E-juice is a healthy alternative to smoking. As it is still a tobacco product, it still contains tobacco. Instead of actually being smoke that you are filling your lungs with, it is vapor. It doesn't have the stinky smell that most people complain of. Nor does it yellow your teeth. Although you do have the cloud of "smoke" that follows you it isn't half as bad as cigarettes. The thing that most "vapors" like most about the ejuice is that just because you are consuming tobacco, the person next to you isn't. Unlike cigarettes. The only con that most people seem to have is that it is still a tobacco product, but don't allow that to stop you.


E-juice can be provided without tobacco. It can be given at different amounts to basically ween you off of it. So eventually you're able to smoke the vapor without actually having any tobacco at all. They have so many different flavors. From candy to desserts. There isn't any that you can't find that will meet your desired needs. This is one of a kind and a great invention to those struggling to quit.

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